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Who We Are

Tirrania Suhood
Founder and Director
Network catalyst for
collaborative impact

Tirrania is a catalyst and complexity and systems thinker. Her commitment is to long-term systemic change and her focus is on cultural change, new economy and regenerating and sustainable environments. She recognises that significant transformation can ripple from anywhere. She values distributed, bottom-up and top down processes.

She is strategic in her approach. She pays attention to the context of a problem and addresses it holistically. With this in mind she also is a natural connector and relationship-builder. She brings people and organisations together to collaborate for change.


For many years Tirrania was the executive officer of a locally-based and big-picture focused community organisation. Her vision, strategic thinking and relationship-building capabilities support strategy and action across multiple levels. She has extensive experience engaging local, state, national and global stakeholders to work together and implement new ways forward. She is passionate about supporting local and small organisations, strengthening ecosystems around them, and network approaches for local and global change.

Tirrania holds a Masters in Community Management and  was a delegate at the Australian Government's 2020 Summit.

For more info look at Tirrania's LinkedIn profile ...  

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Mike Dowson
Systems theorist, strategist
& communicator

Mike Dowson is a data and research analyst and applied systems thinker. He draws on history, evolutionary biology, psychology and multiple theoretical frameworks, including systems, complexity and integral theories, to understand how human collective enterprises mesh at all levels of scale and complexity, from local communities to multinational institutions.

He combines years in business, technology and consultancy with a developing practice in the cooperative movement and the sharing economy, and writes regularly on politics, public policy and the economy. His interest is in helping humans, individually and collectively, to become more healthy, happy, productive and resilient.

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