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Moving beyond winner takes all, strengthening cooperative and collaborative impact

Recognising complexity, joining the dots, emergent solutions

Valuing small and local while connecting globally

Communities and our Earth are facing unprecedented crises and challenges including Covid19, the climate emergency, biodiversity loss,  increasing concentration of wealth, community divisions, decreasing trust in our institutions, increasing homelessness, housing affordability issues, poverty, food insecurity and inadequate democratic processes. 

InCollaboration facilitates relationships and connections across organisations, sectors and movements, connecting the dots to reduce isolation, and bring forward additional resources, ideas, possibilities and synergies.

We build and strengthen organisational ecosystems, valuing informal groups, co-operatives, not-for-profits, social enterprises, business and government.

We recognise the interrelatedness of issues and opportunities. We spark and facilitate discussions to take into account the complexity of issues. We connect ideas and issues for holistic and integrated responses, co-creating and adapting strategy as we do this.

Winner-takes-all approaches have not worked for our society or our planet. We emphasise solutions that involve sharing and distribution of wealth, and value many unrecognised contributions, not only those that have a price in the market. 

We believe that "small is beautiful",  valuing small, independent and local organisations and challenging the notion that bigger is better. At the same time we also work with large organisations. We enable connnected-up solutions, including connecting to the global. 

Facilitating connections for resilient and inclusive communities

InCollaboration supports and facilitates connections for leaders who are working with their communities to increase community resilience. Community issues include increasing homelessness, housing affordability, mental health issues, change driven by emerging technologies, changing demographics, community conflict, environmental crises, and disruption to a number of our industries leading to employment uncertainty. 

We support leaders  to be inclusive of marginalised groups, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, culturally diverse groups, LGBTI groups, refugees and people with disability. 

Facilitating connections for economic fairness and the common good

 InCollaboration connects leaders to initiatives locally and globally focused on greater cooperation and sharing, recognising everyone has a right to food, water, energy, housing and social care. 

InCollaboration builds relationships and ecosystems to support or catalyse initiatives in any of the above sectors to address the common good. 

One of our projects is Catalysing the Sydney Commons Lab, which is building an ecosystem to support community-led initiatives for the common good. 

Facilitating connections for restoring and preserving environments and progressing regenerative ways of living

This involves moving towards renewable energies and models such as the circular economy that involve better use of resources and greater sharing and cooperation amongst community members.  The climate crisis, rising sea levels, changing weather patterns, land degradation, water security, food security and species loss are major concerns and all impact on the sustainability of our communities.  We need to progess much more rapidly to regenerative ways of living.

InCollaboration works with organisations and networks towards regenerating and sustainable enviroments. 

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