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What is the commons? 

How do we live and work as if we care about each other and our Earth? 

The commons is  a paradigm, a movement and also an operating model. It provides ways forward for increasing community agency in a time of increasing privatisation and decreasing trust in governments. 

As an operating model commons that involve groups of people to coming together, to own and steward resources such as land, housing and food systems and digital platforms. Such community stewardship is more  important than ever given the climate emergency, collapsing of ecological systems, increasing homelessness, food insecurity and the growing inequality. 

The increasing wealth and number of billionaires at the same time as increasing homelessness makes no sense. We need an operating model that will  enable us to care about each other and our Earth. 

A particular commons is made up of a combination of three elements: 

                               - a resource

                               - a community stewarding the resource

                              -  the rules set by the community for the stewardship of the resource

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