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We work at the intersection of relationships and complexity
We can build our wisdom, trust of each other
and achieve more together

Our world is in trouble.

An increasingly connected social sector,drawing from the strengths of cooperatives, not-for-profits, social enterprises, business and government will enable more effective approaches for addressing the interrelated issues our communities are facing. These issues include homelessness, affordable housing, poverty, mental health, drug and alcohol, family and community conflict and environmental challenges.

Resilient communities are communities that can adapt to change

Our communities need to be able to deal with change driven by emerging technologies, changing demographics, community and international conflict, environmental crises, and disruption to a number of our industries leading to employment uncertainty.  These same challenges also present opportunities to our communities however they must be equipped and prepared to adapt and benefit from these. 

InCollaboration works with organisations and networks to support resilient communities. 

Inclusive communities are those careful to not leave marginalised people behind

They are inclusive of marginalised groups, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, culturally diverse groups, refugees and people with a disability.  They are communities that address the growing gap between rich and poor, homelessness, housing affordability and many other issues.  

InCollaboration works with organisations and networks towards greater social inclusion. 

Communities that are restoring and preserving their environments are progressing sustainable ways of living

They are moving towards renewable energies and models such as the circular economy that involve better use of resources and greater sharing and cooperation amongst community members.  Climate change, rising sea levels, changing weather patterns, land degradation, water security, food security and species loss are major concerns and all impact on the sustainability of our communities.  We need to progess much more rapidly to sustainable ways of living.

InCollaboration works with organisations and networks towards regenerating and sustainable enviroments. 

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