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Education on new economy and the commons

InCollaboration is continually reviewing the collaborative health of the social sector. We are continually networking to understand what is happening, what can happen, who is doing what and identifying gaps. We build relationships and bring together key stakeholders to support, design and establish core projects. We are especially focused on projects for community building, new economic ways forward and regenerating and sustainable environments. 

Capacity Building and Collaborative Impact Strategies

InCollaboration works with you to better understand the issues affecting your organisation and network from a systems perspective, recognising that issues are interrelated.  We use a strengths-based approach, supporting you to analyse the environment around your organisation and the opportunities that exist as a precursor to developing a strategy, operating model and implementation plan. We also encourage emergent and adpative processes. 

Catalysing activities for new initiatives

We share our existing relationships and networks and engage new stakeholders, creating connections that will support you to achieve your goals at the same time as contributing to strengthening community, society and the environment. 

Supporting Alignment for Resilient and Inclusive Communities, New Economy and Sustainable Environments.  

Through our own expertise and through our networks we will propose and facilitate additional strategies and partnerships tailored to your organisation and network.

Workshops on new economy, collaboration ...etc....

We keep abreast of issues at the big-picture level, while staying connected and supporting those working at the local level. We recognise how the big picture affects the local at the same time as recognising the power of the local to influence the big picture through collective responses. We will facilitate understanding and connections across the local and the big picture. 

Program and Project Planning

Projects and the program structure under which they operate are important vehicles for delivering the change you require. There are many strengths in individuals, communities and agency partners that can be drawn on to create positive, sustainable change.


Based on your needs and capacity InCollaboration can:

  1. Provide consultancy on how best to establish and/or enhance your project delivery capability through the utilisation of collaborative network approaches and established project management principles

  2. Review and enhance the plans you have developed and provide oversight of execution and delivery by your organisation

  3. Jointly develop the plans with you and take a key role within your organisation to create the required network for managing execution and delivery

  4. Plan, execute and deliver your required outcomes on your behalf - effectively project delivery is outsourced to InCollaboration.

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